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Up and running!


Welcome to my new website!

The good thing is, I took the time and jump-started this site during a week off in February 2013. I always thought about having a website on my own since this seems mandatory these days anyway.

But here's the bad thing about it ... there are 2 specific reasons that always prevented me from having my own website and will still prevent me from maintaining it the way I would like:

  1. Existing platforms
    There are so many amazing platforms and communities all over the web, and I'm already committed to several of them. With every contribution I make, my interest in having something separate declines.
  2. Time consumption
    Building and maintaining a website simply costs some time, which is tight.

Bottom line, I won't have much time to care about the website, so updates will be something of a rarity here...
But hey, at least I can consider myself mainstream now, right? ;)

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