Public-Toilets-in-Vienna Public Toilets in Vienna now available on Android and iOS

Open Government Data

Who would have thought?

Our government in Vienna uses various blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin) to store timestamps & checksums of all Open Government Datasets that ever existed.

Such a perfect use case for Blockchain, transparency & modern government!

Digitales Wien

When you look up the resource, it leads to a data set about public toilets. This got me so excited that I cranked out an app that shows you public toilets around you while considering opening hours:


App: Public Toilets in Vienna

The app is called "Public Toilets in Vienna" and it's available for free:

Android: Public Toilets in Vienna

iOS: Public Toilets in Vienna

App Description:

Public Toilets in Vienna shows you all the toilets available near you.

The app pays close attention to the opening hours of the toilets and allows you to filter out any toilets that are currently closed or for any reason inaccessible.

Toilets that are wheelchair accessible are labeled as such. Toilets for people with disabilities are sometimes only accessible with a special "euro-key". This is also marked so you will not find yourself in front of a locked restroom.

In addition to the surrounding toilets, the app calculates walking time and the route to get there as quickly as possible.